1. We will centre all women and girls affected by violence in all of our work, and ensure our work responds to the range of experiences of those women and girls.
  2. The What Works II Programme will first and foremost be accountable to women and girls affected by violence in the Global South.
  3. We will use the power and resources provided by the What Works II Programme to amplify the voices of women and girls affected by violence, and to challenge systemic inequalities and patriarchal structures that perpetuate violence at all levels.
  4. We will adopt an intersectional approach throughout the programme, recognising the multiple sources of oppression and discrimination that affect women and girls, expose them to violence, and determine their opportunities for safety, healing and recovery.
  5. We will work collaboratively and reflexively within the consortium and with all other organisations, individuals and groups involved in the What Works II Programme. We will create ways of working that share ownership, visibility and decision-making and challenge existing power inequalities, while recognising this is difficult work and an on-going learning process.
  6. We will prioritise ‘doing no harm’ and the safety, well-being and care of each other and all those involved in and impacted by our work.
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