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Recommendations on Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Middle East and North Africa Regional Policy Dialogue

Between June and August 2023, CARE Egypt approached over 30 Women Rights Organizations (WROs) in the MENA region and initiated consultations with 21 of them to plan for a regional Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Regional Policy Dialogue event. Virtual consultations were conducted with WROs from Lebanon, Northeast Syria, Northwest Syria, South Turkey, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt.

The regional dialogue highlighted a significant gap in the ‘global’ evidence base which has limited, to no evidence drawn from the MENA region. This results in the perception that the existing evidence base is not relevant to and inclusive of the MENA region, although in fact there are many similarities in drivers of VAWG across regional contexts. One of the key reasons for this gap in the global evidence base is language. Most global evidence reviews only cover documentation in English and the evidence base therefore is weighted towards English-speaking regions.

For detailed information, please find the report linked below: