Shirkat Gah – Women’s Resource Centre

Shirkat Gah aims to address gender inequality and promote women's rights in Pakistan.

Shirkat Gah aims to address gender inequality and promote women's rights in Pakistan. The organisation is renowned for its extensive research and publications on gender-related issues, active community engagement and a wide range of projects, covering areas such as women's economic empowerment, education, healthcare, and violence prevention. 

The What Works funded SATH project seeks to drive transformative change in VAWG in the workplace through a multi-faceted approach. It focuses on strengthening different institutions to be more survivor centred, in compliance with the federal and provincial Protection Against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Acts. The intervention primarily focuses on promoting behavioural change and will target specific institutions and workers, both female and male, including labour organisations and collective bargaining agents. It aims to contribute valuable insights to the global body of evidence on preventing workplace sexual harassment and address gaps identified through the What Works 1 programme. Ultimately, this project aims to expand the evidence base on effective strategies to prevent violence against women, particularly sexual harassment, in the workplace. 

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Our grants include Innovation and Scale grants across a number of focus areas. In our first funding round, eight grants have been awarded.