Reflections from the What Works 2 Annual Programme Meeting

We held our annual programme meeting in Mombasa from the 25th to the 1st of March 2023 convening close to 100 partners and stakeholders drawn across various regions.

We held our annual programme meeting in Mombasa from the 25th to the 1st of March 2023 convening grantee partners, implementation and research consortiums colleagues, Independent Advisory Board members and FCDO Services teams from both Gender and Equality and Research departments to discuss violence against women and girls #VAWG prevention strategies and foster learning and connections. The meeting hosted close to 100 partners and stakeholders drawn across various regions.

Day 1: Laying the Groundwork

The meeting commenced with a review of the progress in preventing #VAWG over recent years, emphasizing the effectiveness of curriculum-based and community activism programs in shifting harmful attitudes and behaviours. Discussions centered on gender transformative programming and the pivotal role of women's rights organisations in effecting social norm change.

Day 2: Equitable Partnerships and Research Insights

Day two delved into the significance of equitable partnerships, locating the role and place of research including the different research approaches that the project will use, highlighting practices like creating safe spaces and providing constructive feedback. The group also explored research methodologies crucial for building evidence on prevention strategies. Partners from #Uganda and #Pakistan shared experiences of fostering trust and collaboration with research teams. External engagement and advocacy strategies were also shared, aiming to drive greater investment in proven prevention approaches regionally.

Day 3: Scaling Prevention and Inclusion

On this day, participants focused on strategies of scaling prevention efforts against VAWG, with input from the Independent Advisory Board and colleagues from the FCDO Services. Discussions covered different approaches to scaling, featuring presentations on prevention programs from #Malawi and #Syria. Grantee partners shared the work they are doing on VAWG prevention in the education sector, emphasizing the challenge of challenging harmful norms and behaviours.

Day 4: Accountability and Feminist Principles

The final day featured presentations from grantee-partner organizations from #India, #Malawi, #Pakistan, #Uganda, and #Syria, delving into various aspects of VAWG prevention. The discussions provided insights into project interventions and research, fostering dialogue among participants and contextualizing these projects within the broader field of VAWG prevention. Sessions on safeguarding and accountability highlighted best practices in safeguarding, while discussions on grantee partner accountability emphasized feminist practices and equitable relationships.

The meeting served as a platform for reflection, learning and knowledge exchange, contributing to the development of a broader conceptual framework for preventing VAWG and advancing VAWG prevention efforts through innovative strategies and stakeholder engagement.

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